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Remember that magnet? It humorously proclaimed, “I want to be Barbie, She has everything!” Little did I know how true it would ring as Barbie took the world by storm and became a sensational fad in 2023. I stand corrected; I underestimated her allure and impact.

People are drawn to Barbiecore like never before, seeking an escape into the world of pretty, hot pink aesthetics that bring comfort and simplicity in uncertain times. As Emily Huggard, the assistant professor of fashion communication, so aptly put it, “this trend is a nod to a lighter time when things felt less burdensome, offering a sense of security in the familiar.” in Time Magazine article Complicated, and Very Pink History of Barbiecore.

It looks like you can be a Barbie Girl.

Look around any recent red carpet event, and you’ll witness the undeniable influence of Barbie’s impeccable style, revered and represented in all its glory. It all began with Pierrpaolo Piccioli, the creative director for Valentino, who catapulted Barbiecore into the fashion scene with their stunning Valentino PP collection in 2022, and there’s no stopping it now.

At the heart of Barbiecore lies that radiant, bright Barbie pink, adorning clothing, hair, and makeup with a touch of enchantment.

And let’s not forget those iconic high-heeled shoes and vibrant purses, adding a dash of playfulness to every outfit.

Long, silky locks are an essential part of the aesthetic—Barbie’s signature blond hair, smooth as silk, an accessory in itself. Our salon can help you achieve that dreamy look, as we offer a wide array of hair colors, not just blonde, but also all shades of pink and beyond. Let your imagination run wild, and we’ll make it a reality with our custom-made hair extensions tailored for this mesmerizing trend.

If you seek to celebrate the spirit of “On Wednesday We Wear Pink” or any other day, come visit us at The Dream House, where we offer an escape from the mundane and an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary. It’s time to plan your perfect Barbiecore look, and what better inspiration than the new Barbie movie, which promises to take us deeper into the magic and meaning behind it all. Go Barbie, go!

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