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What can I do to take care of my new hair extensions? 

Once you have invested the time and money to get your new hair extensions, you want to do everything you can to take quality care of the hair. 

With proper care, you can keep them looking their best for a long time. Extensions can have a very long life with a little bit of attention. 

Can I wash my hair extensions?

You should wash your hair extensions with a shampoo specifically made for hair extensions. When serviced at Something You, your stylist will suggest the best products for your specific hair.

Start by making a lather with your shampoo and plenty of water and apply it to the crown of your head. There are no extensions up here. Gently allow the lather to run onto the extensions. Very little rubbing is required. Rinse very well. 

It’s recommended that you wash your hair less frequently. Your stylist will give you all the specifics for your custom extensions and care method.

Can I use a conditioner on my hair extensions? 

You should use a leave-in conditioner daily.  After shampooing use a conditioner, but even if you don’t shampoo, you should rinse your hair, gently towel dry, and use the leave-in conditioner.

This will give your hair the moisture and protection it needs. Be sure to ask your stylist about the best leave-in conditioner they recommend for your type of extensions.

Don’t go to bed with wet hair extensions. 

You will want to leave time for your hair to air dry or use a low heat setting on your hair dryer. 

Depending on the type of application of your extensions, it’s important to not expose your extensions to high heat.

Avoid using any high-heat appliances on your hair extension. 

How to sleep with hair extensions? 

Before going to bed you should take the time to gently brush out your hair, including extensions. Make sure your hair is completely dry. 

You can braid or twist your extensions. Tie them off or use bands. You may want to use a lightweight leave-in conditioner overnight. When you wake up, the extensions will be softly curled and looking their best.

Do I need a silk pillowcase for my hair extensions?

Here at Something You, we highly recommend using a silk pillowcase for your hair extensions. Silk is the best available fabric to keep extensions from being pulled or damaged.

Cotton pillowcases allow for too much friction on your hair. There is also less moisture loss with silk. Cotton wicks moisture from your hair. 

With hair extensions there is no oil naturally distributed from the hair shaft, so any extra moisturize must be added by you. Don’t let your pillow take it away.

Can I swim in extensions?

It is best to avoid soaking your extensions in salt water or chlorinated water. They are very harsh on hair. 

You can swim with extensions, a dip in the pool or ocean is fine.  We suggest wetting hair with clean water and coating it with a conditioner. This will help the extensions avoid absorbing the harsh pool or ocean water. Braiding hair & using a swimming cap can give protection if you swim regularly. Be sure to dry your hair promptly after a clean rinse followed by more leave-in conditioner.

Do sunscreens damage hair extensions?

Yes, they do! Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane), is an oil-based ingredient that absorbs the full spectrum of UVA rays. Octocrylene is used as a stabilizer with Avobenzone.  When both come in contact with hair extensions, it creates a chemical reaction that causes discoloration. An unattractive brassy orange-peach color results. 

You can use mineral-based sunscreens. This variety does not create the same color-changing, damaging effects as Avobenzone-Octocrylene-based ones do.  

Be sure to ask your stylist for her advice.

She is your expert. Make an appointment for regular maintenance at the salon. Then, you can expect a long life from your new extensions.

Most of all, enjoy your extensions. Get out there, have a great time & look fabulous!

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